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1Eighty Inc. is an Illinois based initiative that builds awareness of Chronic Absenteeism and provides solutions to Schools, School Districts, and Families to mitigate this URGENT issue.

We provide services that advocates for every child to receive a quality education and provide awareness to students, parents, guardians and family leaders on their local school's attendance policies and and State Laws. 

We provide guidance and support to all stakeholders on the importance of students being Present Every Day to achieve maximum success in school and in LIFE

1Eighty Inc. offers affordable consultant services which consists of customized strategies/solutions implemented in phases, programs and professional development workshops that educate and facilitate in the reduction of chronic student absences, tardies and chronic truancy. 

Our goal is to ensure that all school aged children attend school on a regular basis and to assist schools, school districts, and families with implementing and executing solutions to reduce chronic absences and truancy. Our objective is to implement solutions to remove the barriers many children may encounter that prevents them from attending school regularly.


Our mission is to reduce chronic absenteeism nationwide and inspire lifelong learning by partnering with educators, individual schools, school districts, community leaders and families to educate all stakeholders on the importance of students attending school daily by Showing up & Being Present.

    Be Present. Expect Success.


Our Attendance Liaisons are seasoned professionals who are experts experienced in various roles in the education field that diligently work on the schools behalf to close the achievement gap and improve attendance statistics. 


The services provided by 1Eighty Inc. will enhance and accent the attendance policies and procedures that are currently be used in your school's community.

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Chronic Absence Facts

Chronic Absence Issue

  • 1 in 10 kindergarten and 1st grade students are chronically absent
  • Chronic absence can occur sporadically throughout the school year
  • Chronic absence is not only an issue for high school students, attendance issues can start as early as Pre-K
  • As early as Pre-K, chronic absence predicts poor attendance and academic performance in later grades.
  • High levels of chronic absence are found in suburban, urban and rural communities
  • In many school districts, as many as 1 in 4 students are chronically absent
  • Nationwide an estimated 5-7.5 million students are chronically absent each year, meaning that these students miss 10% or more of the school year in excused and unexcused absences. This translates to students missing 18 or more days in a school year. This includes one in (10) kindergartners.
  • Low-income students are four times more likely to be chronically absent than their peers and more likely to lose ground academically.

The IMPACT of Chronic Absence

  • Children with certain risk factors - including poverty, homelessness and chronic illness are both more likely to be chronically absent and especially hard hit because they often lack the resources to make up for the lost opportunities to learn in the classroom. 
  • Chronic absence is often higher among children with disabilities. We must properly examine the nature of our student's disabilities and how well their educational needs are being met.
  • Students in kindergarten and 1st grade who are chronically absent are less likely to read proficiently by the time they finish the 3rd grade.
  • Lower levels of 3rd grade reading are also found among children chronically absent in preschool and kindergarten or children who did not ever attend preschool. 
  • By the 6th grade, chronic absence becomes an early warning sign that a student may drop out of high school, found by a Baltimore study.
  • By 9th grade, chronic absence is a better predictor than 8th grade test scores that a student will drop out.  A study in Utah found that a student chronically absent any year between 8th and 12th grade was 7.4 times more likely to drop out. 
  • Chronic absences in the classroom affects all students, even those that attend school regularly.
  • Schools and School districts often do not review the right data. Most track how many students show up every day and how many are skipping school, but not how many students are chronically absent. 
  • Parents, Guardians and Caretakers often DO NOT realize how quickly absences can add up to academic trouble.

Principals and School Leaders

Principals and school leaders know from experience and what research confirms: Showing up for class matters and that students can not benefit from investments in high quality instruction and more engaging, rigorous curriculum unless they are in their classroom.

Principals are uniquely positioned to ensure that their school adopts a comprehensive, tiered approach to improving attendance that fits with their overall approach to promoting academic achievement.

1Eighty Inc services can be easily incorporated into existing reforms, such as Response to Intervention (RTI) or Positive Behavior Intervention (PBI) and Supports that can be expanded to include specific attention to chronic absence data and support for building and maintaining good attendance habits.

School Leaders know the community they serve and its unique challenges, and 1Eighty Inc is ready to assist your school community customize a plan for reducing chronic absence that suits your school's strengths and adds to your capacity to respond proactively to chronic absence.

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